Community Guidelines

Disclaimer: This document is created to protect both parties and tie them under some lawful pacts to continue bringing the best for everyone.
Overview of The Guidelines:

We have devised our Community Guidelines to ensure that both parties are secured and can proceed with law in order for a better and venerable community. There are mainly set on what’s sanctioned and barred on BotaFoga in order to proceed with the services you may agree on these. This goes for all the Content Creators, Users, and all the content that will be published under our keen sight.

Whereas, we have split it into multiple sections and each section has a designated topic under our supervision.


We are just service providers and anyone from any religion, caste, and community can use it for the sake of entertainment and anything that can build the community in a productive and approachable way under the described and legal terms and conditions which comes under our community guidelines.


We strongly believe no harmful or sensitive content can be posted. Certain stuff that can be sensitive, dreadful, and outrageous to people we don’t badge.


By any mean if you’re harassing or trying to put someone down with the negative intentions strict actions will be taken against you. If you posting any relevant content or any user is mocking the content creator out of hate speech that won’t be tolerated. That doesn’t stop here! Name calling or any malicious insult for anyone will be considered as Cyberbullying and strict policy actions with the consent of Government will be taken against the person.

Whereas, there are a few exceptions in this:
1- The name is taken to protect someone (which can be done by other ways too).
2- No party will be disturbed by content.
3- It’s for general public awareness.
4- If that’s a lawful and legal debate.


That doesn’t carry for the content creators but also for the users who are supporting any specific rackets and try to get along. We will not endure this even strict actions can be taken against the respective person. Harsh penalties can be considered for putting up such content that can destroy the mental peace of anyone.

This involves the following throws:
1- Fights that can include the minors or casting them for a screen play.
2- Inciting others to commit violence and promote it through the medium of our community.
3- Footage of any disturbing body acts or injuries.
4- Abuse against the animals.


Anything that supports and promotes sexual abuse or whichever form of abuse with the children we can report directly to In terms of harassing and putting up the content that can bring any minor in danger will be taken down to the streets by legal actions.
This involves the following factors:
1- Sexualization of the minors- where they are casted for a screenplay or for any other way where they are objected to abuse or any negative sense.
2- Harmful acts where they are involved without the consent or even with the consent as lawfully minors can’t take part in specific things.
3- Harassment involving the minors.


We respect the scope of entertainment however, nothing explicit can be posted in terms of sexual content or nudity that can be offensive or sensitive for some people. Whereas, a few exceptions can be made in this according to the criteria we have.
1- Any debates that can be productive for a either party.
2- If the content supports-knowledge.
3- If it doesn’t contain any scripted performance.


If we find anything that is suspicious your account can be blocked permanently and with the intention to never recover that. Henceforth, no scamming will be tolerated in any form whether it’s in the form of video any approachable way.


No one has any right to target any specific person on the basis of their sect or division of minority. No offensive comments will be made by anyone in any circumstances as we are peaceful people and that’s what we expect you to do as well as a part of this community.
1- Hate speech that involves any certain religion.
2- No Blasphemy against any religion.
3- No tribal conversation other than the debates to bring the potential truth under specific circumstances.
4- No targeting towards any gender or to objectify them.


BotaFoga won’t allow any fake number of views crated by any means that can lead to traffic building and we bear anything in such cases as it can directly lead to the suspension of the account and no authority will be considered other than our official team.
Note: If you hire someone/any third party or use ay tool/software to build the traffic that can increase the number of views this will come under the legal actions.


No external resources will be carted under our supervision that involves third party or any other service providers. Just in case of any such activity rigorous actions can be taken against the party or the user. No involvement of any other resource will be swallowed. There will be no space to accept spamming any way. No extra links other than the protected ones will be shared or can be shared in the lawful pact between the users and us.


Our team will get in touch with you and you will be notified via email to proceed further for the case. There will be expectations as per the cases therefore no right away actions are expected other than the ones we have mentioned in the document.

Note: We have created the community guidelines with the sense to bring best for people and we expect the same from you as well. We all have to take care of this and with time the changes can be made and to keep you posted we will be notifying you accordingly. There is no sense of harshness in any point other than the once we have mentioned strictly and w make sure to take actions against such incidents.