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        14 Apr 2020

        Ishqiya Episode 4 | 24th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama

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        admin 27 Feb 2020

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        Ishqiya | The Story Of Love, Trust & Betrayal

        Not everyone gets to live with the person they love. Most people end up marrying someone else or no one at all, for that matter. However, only a few succeed to start living with their loved ones. Ishqiya is the story of two people madly in love with each other, but could not end up together.

        Ramsha Khan as Hamna is a soft-hearted and loving girl who sacrifices her love to uphold her father’s will.

        Hania Amir as Roomi is Hamna’s younger sister. She is a simple and straight forward girl who enjoys life to the fullest.

        Feroz Khan as Hamza is a very sensitive young man who very passionately loves Hamna but destiny comes to play.

        Hamna and Hamza are college friends, deeply and madly in love with each other. Hamna is waiting for the right time to disclose this news to her family, while her father (Siddiqui Sahib) is looking for a good match for her elsewhere. One of his close friends, Kashif gives Hamna’s proposal for his son Azeem. Upon her ailing father’s request, Hamna had to sacrifice her love and marries Azeem. Now Hamza feels betrayed and eager to take revenge.

        Hamna and Hamza ‘s love story comes to an end, as she obeys her father’s wish and marries someone else.

        Gohar Rasheed as Azeem is a simple and devoted husband. Supports his wife after coming to know her past as well.

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        Azeem and Hamna start a new life and despite constant blackmailing from Hamza.

        Roomi is very happy to marry Hamza. She is not aware that she is being victimized for her sister’s revenge.

        Shabbir Jan as Mr. Siddiqui and Kanza Malik as Mrs. Siddiqui are the parents of Hamna and Roomi.

        Khalid Anum as Khalid and Seemi Pasha as Saman are the parents of Hamza. They are ready to do anything for their only son’s happiness.

        Zahid Qureshi as Kashif and Nabeela Haq as Mrs. Kashif are the parents of Azeem.

        Kashif is an old friend of Hamna’s father due to which they win Hamna’s hand for their son Azeem.

        Written By: Mohsin Ali Shah

        Directed By: Badar Mehmood


        Feroz Khan
        Ramsha Khan
        Hania Amir
        Gohar Rasheed
        Shabbir Jan
        Khalid Anum
        Seemi Pasha
        Maha Hasan
        Kinza Malik
        Zahid Qureshi
        Nabeela Haq

        #HaniaAmir #FerozeKhan #RamshaKhan

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        Bota Foga .
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